Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization / SEO and why is it important?

When you have a website, you'll need to optimize it so that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo can pick it up and list you within the results. The more effective your SEO is, the higher your ranking will be in driving more traffic to your site.

It's the best natural and organic way to generate traffic based on your keywords that you've selected to focus on for your site.

There are several factors to consider when preparing your website, as each page is an important piece that should be recognized by search engines.

Factors to focus on:

TITLE TAGS: This is the main text that describes your page. Although most people won't pay much attention to it since it's the mouseover text on the browser tab, search engines will hone in on this text first when they display your result. You should make it a focus to have relevant keywords in the title tag in addition to having your brand name at the end.

For Example : <title> Search Engine Optimization / SEO - Alexy Pitt </title>

In addition, Title Tags only support 70 characters before it gets cut off into ellipses (...) so keep content within that range.

HEADER 1: In HTML, the <h1> defines the most important heading of the page and goes down in importance to <h6>. Headings structure the contents of the webpage by specifying the hierarchy of the sections. You can think of it as an outline, and when search engines "skim" your page, it will look at <h1> to determine if it's relevant to your "Title Tag." That's why it's best to use some of the same keywords in your H1 to strengthen the page authority of that term.

META DESCRIPTION: Whatever you place in between meta description tags will be the snippet of information that appears in search results underneath the title tag. 

For example:

Search Engine Optimization / SEO - Alexy Pitt
Alexy Pitt explains the benefits of optimizing your website via Search Engine Optimization to rank higher in search results which will assist in driving traffic.

This doesn't particularly help your rank go higher but it does help searchers decide whether or not your result is relevant or not. More clicks = more credibility = higher rank.

SEO-FRIENDLY URLS: This is also called "speaking" URLs, where the context of the page can clearly be defined just by reading the URL. For instance, visitors are more likely to click on an URL that looks like rather than

The URLs are more attractive and search engines will easily pick up what the page is pertaining to while it adds up other factors to calculate page authority.

All of the above are already incorporated into the Ecommerce System that Alexy's company, Lucrazon, offers. If you are looking for a customizable website builder with easily adjustable SEO settings, then see more information on Website and Shopping Cart elements.

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