Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising? (PPC)

Also called Cost-Per-Click (CPC), it's a type of online advertising model where you only pay the publisher when your ad is clicked. This drives more "action-based" results as you're only paying for the click rather than for impressions which is known as CPM or Cost Per Impression.

A major PPC platform is Google AdWords, where advertisers bid on specific keywords to display their text ads in optimal areas. 97% of Googles revenue comes from this platform, so you can see how competitive and lucrative PPC is.

Bing also has a PPC platform called Bing Ads that you can experiment alongside Google Adwords. Facebook is also another major PPC platform but allows for imagery alongside text to be displayed and drills down to people's interests, demographics and location.

Before you start on the path of PPC though, make sure you have your website Search Engine Optimized for better ad performance.

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