For brick-and-mortar businesses with products, it's only natural to have an Ecommerce website as more Internet-enabled and portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, allows consumers to easily purchase goods anywhere and everywhere. It also reaches customers that may not be able to visit your physical location allowing them to shop from the comfort of their home (i.e. Black Friday shopping).

For online only businesses, it's even more vital to have an Ecommerce website with ability to accept electronic payment transactions swiftly and securely while offering multiple payment options. Search Engine Optimization will play a major factor in helping you get the traffic you need.

Even though Ecommerce is commonly connected with buying and/or selling online, it's also an exchange of information and gathering data to reach prospects or established customers. For example, email gathering, and the sending of newsletters. For Service Providers, it's equally important to have an online presence to attract customers in addition to retaining. It will also be easier for your customers to refer you, if you have a credible website explaining your expertise.

With all types of businesses, the heart of Ecommerce is the website. It's crucial to have a site where you can manage and update frequently so it doesn't get "stale."

Website Builder Elements

When looking for a website builder, the following are elements that it should already have:

- Content Management System
- Customizable Templates
- Web Hosting
- Merchant Account
- Integrated Shopping Cart
- Customer Support
- Credit Card Processing
- Marketing and Optimization
- Customer Relationship Management
- Low Transaction Processing Fees
- Reporting

This is considered a "total" Ecommerce solution and you'll be hard pressed to find a company that offers all of this in one package.

Most Ecommerce software companies will have hidden developer fees but Alex founded Lucrazon to be the world's first integrated Ecommerce System that contains all of the elements conveniently packaged. Contact Alex Pitt to further discuss your business needs.



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