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5 of the Best Chrome Extensions
A list of the 5 best Chrome browser extensions/addons worth using courtesy of The Next Web. As a sidenote: only install Chrome extensi...
Monday Motivational Quotes
1. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi 2. There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, wh...
Entrepreneurship Lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday, let's visit some of his famous quotes in addition to entrepreneurship lessons (Sour...
Lucrazon Global in New York - 3 Day Event
Join us for a special 3-day event hosted by Lucrazon Global in NEW YORK! Thursday and Friday are open invitation. Saturday is via invi...


The Stock Market is back in business after the holidays and with the first trading day of 2013, two stocks skyrocketed with all-time highs: Visa (V) and MasterCard (MA). Other large card issuers like American Express (AXP), Capitol One (COF) and Discover Financial Services (DFS) have done well lately too. Read more about the Visa and MasterCard stocks performance here. Alex Pitt Founder & CEO Lucrazon Ecommerce ..
A great article by Engadget combining all the biggest moments of tech in 2012.  Read 2012 Year in Tech here Alex Pitt Founder & CEO Lucrazon Ecommerce   ..
What are some of your New Year's resolutions for your small business? A website makeover? Starting an additional small business? Whichever resolutions you set your sights on be sure to reflect on what 2012 experiences brought you, and how you can learn from mistakes for 2013.  Here are 5 suggested New Year's resolutions for small business Ecommerce that I agree with. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, Alex Pitt Founder & CEO Lucrazon ..
There's no doubt that more and more consumers are shopping via mobile, but on tablets instead of the wide belief that it's being done on smartphones. Most consumers will price compare on smartphones while at the store or while browsing but most actual purchases are made at home, on a tablet or on the computer. The article Mobile Shopping is Surging, but has a long way to go sheds more light on how Ecommerces are dealing with understanding this method of payment. Alex Pitt Founder &a..
With the increased usage of the Internet and electronic devices, it's important to realize that your employees play an extremely important role in protecting your company's data. 3 Essential Things to Teach Employees About Tech Security explains how to prepare your team in safeguarding your company from a security breach. Most of the items are common sense, and not just for company practice, but it's still useful to go over these practices with your employees for New Year preparations..
Banks that are too "big to fail" might actually fail. Hopefully this situation will be resolved and small businesses will not be affected. Read more about business banking at risk Alex Pitt CEO Lucrazon Ecommerce ..
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