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Monday Motivational Quotes
1. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi 2. There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, wh...
Entrepreneurship Lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
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Lucrazon Global in New York - 3 Day Event
Join us for a special 3-day event hosted by Lucrazon Global in NEW YORK! Thursday and Friday are open invitation. Saturday is via invi...


Yesterday, Facebook made the announcement that they'll be rolling out Cards, a universal gift card which at this time is only applicable to Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target. It's meant to "stay with you" as even if you used up the card balance, it will accept more balances when friends decide to be generous. Read more about the Cards and take an initial look at the design here on VentureBeat Alex Pitt Founder & CEO Lucrazon   ..
Both Chase and PNC have been rolling out ATMs that dispense bills as small as $1 and $5 over the past year. By adding this feature, they hope to make ATMs more convenient for its customers. Read more about New ATMs dispense $1 and $5 bills here Alex Pitt Founder & CEO Lucrazon ..
By now, everyone should know that having a website for your business is crucial. Customers are pre-screening you via your website and judging you from a first impression.  That's why it's important to regularly audit your site for critical obstacles that may be hindering your sales. Here are 5 Website Areas You Need to Audit via SmallBiz Trends.  Alex Pitt Founder & CEO Lucrazon ..
Microsoft is claiming that Google refuses to give YouTube's "metadata" (which includes video categories, favorites, ratings etc) for their Windows Phone OS usage because Bing is the second-largest search engine in the U.S.  A source from Google is saying that it doesn't make sense to create an app for every mobile OS, especially when the Windows Phone made up less than 3% of the market last year. Read more about Microsoft to Google: Play Fair with YouTube here. Alex Pitt Fo..
With all the new technologies and increasing Internet usage on tablets/mobile devices, it's time to learn more on how to protect yourself from identity theft.  Today's new threats include targeting medical records, online banking sites, finances and more. For a limited time on Amazon, download a free Kindle book - 50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age. Be sure it says $0 before downloading as Amazon tends to change their pricing often. Alex Pitt Founder &..
In 2012, there were uncoverings that large-scale cyberattacks were targeted at the Iranian goverment, and in retaliation, it's believed that Iran is launching a massive attack to U.S. banks along with Saudi oil companies. Read more about the cyber Cold War in CNN's Nations prepare for cyber war article where some think these nation-sponsored cyber attacks will lead to actual deaths. Alex Pitt Founder & CEO Lucrazon Ecommerce ..
Although it takes more to grow a small business, these 5 essential principles are a great start and will build a solid foundation. Timing is everything Brand Scale sales Embrace Technology De-stress for success I wholeheartedly agree that "timing is everything" as I've been on that road before on introducing a business solution that was too early for it's time. However, we adapted while waiting for the market to catch up, and the business evolved into a p..
On January 1, Congress approved the U.S. American Taxpayer Relief Act that contains provisions for both large and small businesses. This article on Relief Act Changes Taxes for Small Businesses will explain what elements you'll need to consider including Business Tax and Personal Tax. Alex Pitt Founder & CEO Lucrazon Ecommerce ..
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