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Alexy Pitt, Alex Pitt - Response Towards Industry Rumors Q&A

Updated: September 24, 2014

The following Q&A format serves to address online rumors about myself. 

Q: Does Alexy (Alex) Pitt have a MLM history?

A: No, Alexy (Alex) Pitt has no MLM history as he’s never been a MLM owner. One of his previous companies was a major credit card processing company that served MLM companies but he, himself, was never an owner.

Alexy (Alex) Pitt is a 20 year electronic payment and merchant services industry veteran. He developed technology such as payment gateways, electronic gift card platforms and specialized reporting systems utilizing BYPASS Front End, Concord Front End and Back End, as well as FDC platforms.

Under Alexy's leadership, the company's porfolio grew to $1.8 billion, providing services to Baja Fresh, McDonalds, Burger King, MonaVie and other major corporations.
Q: What is Lucrazon Global?

A:  Lucrazon Global, LLC was formed for the purpose of servicing the fast-growing digital marketplace by providing online and brick-and-mortar stores with a user-friendly website equipped with a shopping cart, credit card processing capability, a merchant account, and marketing and search engine optimization services. Lucrazon Global provides an all-inclusive ecommerce platform that allows customers to purchase an e-commerce store and obtain a merchant account. Customers are free to sell whatever product or service their business sells.

Lucrazon Global sells service through independent businesses collectively referred to as Brand Partners. Every Brand Partner Business has its own web site with a unique URL and its own website and shopping cart builder, has its own bank account, and has its own merchant account. Every Brand Partner Business has their own agreements with their own customers. They are also responsible for their own sales, their marketing, as well as any potential chargebacks, and handling any other challenges that may arise with their business. Each Brand Partner receives payments directly from their customers.

Q: Is Lucrazon Global a Ponzi scheme?

A:  A Ponzi Scheme is one in which commissions paid to participants exceed a sustainable level based upon current sales.  A Ponzi Scheme pays OUT more than it takes IN, and therefore, must rely upon FUTURE SALES to pay commissions on past sales.  Lucrazon Global doesn’t pay out commissions and bonuses in excess of current revenues and is therefore not a Ponzi scheme. Instead, Lucrazon Global pays out 57% in 9 different forms of commissions and bonuses to Brand Partners based upon the sales of Brand Partner Ecommerce stores, Web Hosting & Maintenance Fees, Online Marketing and Pre-Selected Inventory Ecommerce stores

Lucrazon, Inc. is a registered Visa and MasterCard MSP (Merchant Service Provider) and ISO (Independent Sales Organization) of Synovus Bank, Columbia, Georgia, and Member of FDIC.

Lucrazon Inc. owns several patent-pending Lucrazon Technology and is part of a highly regulated industry.

Q: What is the Brand Partner process?

A: Those interested in becoming a Brand Partner first go through a free trial that doesn’t require them to input credit card info or financial data so he/she can test the system and see if selling Lucrazon’s Ecommerce System and Merchant Services are right for them.

If he/she is truly interested and dedicated to becoming a Brand Partner, they then go through a background and credit check in order for him/her to receive and activate their own Merchant Account. In addition, their information is cross-checked to make sure they’re NOT on a Merchant Termination file. The Brand Partner must pass underwriting guidelines according to Lucrazon’s bank’s relationships, and they must sign a Merchant Agreement.

Requirements for becoming a Brand Partner:

1. Be at least 18+ years old
2. Have a Social Security Number and Drivers License
3. Own a Valid Credit Card
4. Own a Checking Account
5. Own a Computer or Laptop
6. Have Basic Computer Knowledge
7. Have access to the Internet
8. Have an Active Email Address
9. Have an Approved Domain Name

After they meet these requirements and Merchant Account is approved and active, only then can they pay for and activate their Brand Partner website. The payment does not come to Lucrazon Global, it goes to the Brand Partner’s Merchant Account who sold the technology and ecommerce business. The cost is $1,000 one-time set up fee and $50 a month hosting.

Q: How does Lucrazon Global pay commissions?

A: Lucrazon Global, LLC has multiple ways of paying commissions. One of these ways is based around selling Ecommerce businesses, which is described above and attached with a $50 hosting and maintenance fee. The Brand Partner receives $50 directly from their customer and pays $40 to Lucrazon Global for utilizing Lucrazon Global technology and services, therefore profiting $10. The following month on the same date, the Brand Partner will receive the same amount for the monthly and hosting fees and this amount will continue every single month on the same date for the life of the account which provides a long term residual income.

There are several complaints revolving around a $14 a day guaranteed payment that Lucrazon Global, LLC never advertised nor promoted. People that are unfortunately complaining were looking for “get-rich-quick” business models, and when they discovered that the Brand Partner Business wasn’t following this model, they got upset.

Q: I've seen older presentations have have different information. Why is this?

A: Unfortunately, there were presentations being shared by Brand Partners that were inaccurate. We’ve had them removed and in some cases, sent out cease and desist orders for falsifying info. We require all Brand Partners to be in compliance and will suspend their activity if they’re not. You are more than welcome to view our official PDF here:

Q: Why doesn’t Lucrazon Global have products?

A: Lucrazon Global does have products. Lucrazon is the first fully-integrated ecommerce system with multiple patent-pending technologies containing a Website and Shopping Cart Builder, a proprietary Payment Gateway Integration, with automated Merchant Account approval process.

In addition, there are ecommerce stores with thousands of pre-selected inventory products that are fulfilled by suppliers.

Brand Partners are Ecommerce business owners that provide Merchant Services, Websites and Shopping Carts, Ecommerce Stores with Inventory and SEO Marketing. These tools are specifically designed to build a business network as well as growing a Merchant Portfolio.

Q: Why have I heard of some Brand Partners quitting or getting their money back?

A: People who thought they were getting involved with a company similar to their previous ones have since learned that Lucrazon Global is NOT a “rev-share” or “investment.” Lucrazon Global does not offer to sell any securities. Nor is Lucrazon Global a "get rich quick" business model.

Lucrazon Global’s unique qualities can cause confusion as there’s no other company to compare it to. Lucrazon Inc’s multiple patent-pending technologies include Website and Shopping Cart Builder, Payment Gateway, Content Management System, Merchant Service Provider and Internet Payment Service Provider all rolled into one source.

Q: I heard that Brand Partners “don’t need to do anything.” Is this true?

A: No, this is not true. A Brand Partner Business is a real business. People who manage their Brand Partner business like any other business will typically have much greater success than those who put forth little to no effort.

Q: Is this the perfect business for everybody?

A: While being a Brand Partner is a simple business to learn, it is not for “everybody.”

Requirements for becoming a Brand Partner:

1. Be at least 18+ years old
2. Have a Social Security Number and Drivers License
3. Own a Valid Credit Card
4. Own a Checking Account
5. Own a Computer or Laptop
6. Have Basic Computer Knowledge
7. Have access to the Internet
8. Have an Active Email Address
9. Have an Approved Domain Name

In addition, a potential Brand Partner must be motivated and business-minded in order to be successful.

Q: There is a claim that he “stiffed” a merchant out of $30,000 and took companies into bankruptcy. How am I to trust this company if this is true?

A: A disgruntled temporary employee had made false statements and thinly veiled threats against Alexy (Alex) when said person was already informed that Alexy (Alex) Pitt wasn’t financially responsible for his situation. This same person may have fled the jurisdiction of the state of California to avoid a Restraining Order. It can be searched under Case #30-2013 00626751, Superior Court of California, County of Orange as this matter has been handled by the District Attorney.

No merchant was “stiffed” out of $30,000 as that instance occurred 2 years after Alexy (Alex) Pitt had left the company.  The merchant’s reserve account was held because of a large number of chargebacks--a routine procedure. Please see the following link, in which the merchant provides a detailed explanation as to why the accusation was retracted, apologized, and resolved.

In addition, Alexy (Alex) Pitt did not take any company into Bankruptcy. He is listed as a creditor in the Bankruptcy filing. If you are really serious about doing your research, see Case # 8:09-bk-22825-RK which was filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California, Santa Ana Division via

Q: Who is Doug Thayer? And how is he related to Lucrazon Global?

Doug Thayer’s wife, Karen Kamman, applied to become a Brand Partner as Kaching Kollectibles through one of Lucrazon Global, LLC’s resellers, a Brand Partner, by the name of Giovanni Feretti. Giovanni Feretti is an independently run business with his own URL (, own Merchant Account, and is a standalone business that utilizes Lucrazon Global technology. Karen Kamman was declined by Lucrazon Global LLC’s Underwriting Team. Due to the declination of Karen Kamman’s Brand Partner Business, her husband, Doug Thayer is attacking, harassing and extorting Lucrazon Global, LLC.

Doug Thayer’s history on Google:

Furthermore, Doug Thayer has fraudulently invoked the name of another company, Safe Care, so much so that the company maintains Doug Thayer’s picture on their web site as a public service :

We are providing this information to protect the Brand Partners and their families particularly their children who in the future, may want do to business with Lucrazon Global. We recommend that all Brand Partners conduct a thorough search of Doug Thayer. Doug Thayer is less than credible and he continues to purposefully damage Lucrazon Global. Lucrazon Global’s Legal Team is handling this matter.

Alex Pitt
Founder & CEO
Lucrazon, LLC & Lucrazon Global, LLC

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